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About Micro-Heritage Business Information

◇ Purpose of business

Cultural heritage such as the Ichii building that we, the people living in modern times, have forgotten.

We are about to create our society today, and to finish its role and be buried. We started this project with the intention of inheriting such a forgotten cultural heritage as a living thing and leaving it as a source of new next-generation culture.

A project to raise awareness of the small cultural heritage (Micro-Heritage) that remains in the area, and to help make it a sustainable heritage, leaving behind things that should be left behind, such as financing, business management advice and matching. is.

◇ Business structure

The following companies have business plans and plans to leave cultural heritage, etc. for the purpose of leaving in various forms.

We will respond with a role from each field of specialty.

           Summit Real Estate Co., Ltd. Real Estate Consultant

           CR-ASSIST Digital Archive Co., Ltd., academic adjustment

           Frog Planning Co., Ltd. Photobook and video creation VR data production

           Exagent VR data production Co., Ltd.

           Rokubara Shin Architectural Laboratory Architectural design and construction work  

Micro-Heritage project in Nishinari Ward ①

"I want to leave the ruins of the decaying Yukaku to posterity! Photobook production project"

◇ Background

Tobita Shinchi in Nishinari Ward, Osaka. It was completed as a Yukaku in 1918, but the "Yukaku" disappeared due to the Prostitution Prevention Law of 1958. However, Tobita Shinchi still retains the remnants of the Taisho and early Showa eras as a different form of entertainment district.
The old restaurant "Mitsusumi" in that corner. Since the restaurant closed its business about 20 years ago, it has become a vacant house and continues to this day. The year before last, the owner of "Mitsusumi" consulted about the utilization of this property and confirmed the site. The interior of the building retains the Yukaku architecture of the early Showa period, and I felt that it was a valuable building that conveys the customs of that time. We first considered using it as real estate, but problems such as corona damage occurred and we were forced to change the direction of our business. Around that time, I happened to be able to consult with Mr. Shinohara of Frog Planning Co., Ltd., and first of all, it became a Micro-Heritage business as a photo book.

Micro-Heritage project in Nishinari Ward ②

Tai Yoshi Hyakuban VR data conversion and building restoration crowdfunding

◇ Overview

In this business, 3D scanning photography (VR photography) of Hyakuban Kensetsu was carried out for the preservation and utilization of Hyakuban, a registered tangible cultural property owned by Tai Yoshi Co., Ltd., and the VR digital data is collected on a special site. It is open to the public. It will also be used as a guide content for online tours at the Summit Real Estate.

Taiyoshi has been managing and operating Hyakuban as a tangible cultural property for 50 years since its opening. As the next step of this VR project, we raised funds through crowdfunding from early summer 2021 for the maintenance and repair of the 100th building. Restoration of works of art has begun in the fall of 2021, and construction work is scheduled to begin in early 2022.

◇ Purpose

In recent years, tangible cultural properties that have a high reputation, such as Hyakuban, have a large amount of conservation and repair costs, and owners and managers.

However, there are situations in which conservation activities are difficult due to reasons such as the inability to raise funds. for that reason

In some cases, the building cannot be repaired due to lack of funds and the deterioration is left unattended, and the registered tangible cultural property itself cannot be maintained and managed.

Under these circumstances, in this initiative, the value of tangible cultural properties will be preserved as digital data for posterity, the digital data will be released free of charge, and many domestic and overseas tours will be conducted. The purpose is to inform people about the goodness of the architecture and to connect it to activities such as conservation support and utilization of tangible cultural properties.


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